Thanks for taking your time to check out my site. I am Daniel C Browning Jr—engineer turned archaeologist, former Professor of Religion and History, and continuing student of those (and other) things. I spent most of a career at a “teaching institution” with a huge teaching load (academics will understand the numbers: a nine-month contract of 30 semester hours, plus numerous overloads). Thus, I became a “generalist” with a wide range of teaching subjects—one term, I recall noting that I would shift within a single day from teaching a class on The Holocaust in a crowded classroom to more crowded Intro to New Testament course, and then to translating Ugaritic (a Bronze Age “Canaanite” language) with three students. At the same time, I developed several diverse but specific and oddly-connected research interests. These were informed by my engineering background and furthered by archaeological work, a study travel program with students, and other “off the grid” research explorations.

For the curious or those who want to offer me great opportunities: my academic CV is available on my page.

This site—as I conceive it—will be a place to present some of my observations, musings, and perplexions relative to those research interests and how they relate to human behavior.