Ancient Dan’s “Pic Of The Day” series features short image-based posts with photos I find interesting (or am just pleased with), relevant to current events, or representative of thoughts I am having at the time. They are really a continuation of “Pic of the Day” emails I would send to interested parties during my Study Travel and Excavation Program journeys with students. While intended originally for parents and other loved-ones of participants, I got many positive comments on them from others.

While it makes them somewhat misnamed, Pic Of The Day posts always include some explanatory note and generally include multiple pics. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to share bits of knowledge. I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Sometimes I have included more thematic posts in the “Pic Of The Day” category, so there is overlap with other areas. Also, with a few exceptions, most Pics “of the day” were not taken on the day they are posted. So, you may find it interesting to browse Pics of Past Days. Assuming I will keep it updated, the following map shows locations of the primary site for each POTD post (a couple have multiple sites) with pop-ups having a small version of the main pic and a link to the full post.   

Thanks for looking! cropped-adicon_square.png